Dilution Control systems can be a critical key to your cleaning program’s success. Correct chemical dilutions will offer the best and safest results. Chemical dilution systems are the most economical and safest option for any environment.


What is Dilution Control?

Dilution control systems take concentrated cleaning chemicals and dilute them with water to create “ready-to-use” (RTU) cleaning solutions.

System Categories

  • Partial Loop – Features some containment of chemical, but does not offer exposure-proof operation during dispensing or chemical refill change-out
  • Closed Loop – Enforces total containment of chemical at every connection and dispensing point. – PrecisionFlo offers a closed Loop System. 

Why Dilution Control?

Safety —A “closed-loop” dispensing system means workers do not come into direct contact with the chemical concentrate, making this alternative far safer than the loose gallon or drum pouring of chemicals. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. institutions spend more than $75 million a year on medical expenses and lost-time wages for janitors due to chemical related injuries. Also, the EPA says that six out of every 100 janitors are injured annually by exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals.

Savings — Dispensing from bulk chemical drums is messy and hard to control, often resulting in wasteful spills and incorrectly measured product. Accurate chemical dispensing avoids spillage and misuse, getting more product out of each bulk unit and offering significant savings.

Productivity — Times is wasted wrestling bulk drums and cleaning up product spillage. Additionally, the imprecise measurement that comes from improper dispensation means employees use too much (or too little) product. Too little doesn’t get the job done, and too much makes it difficult to completely rinse a surface, leaving excess residue on the floor and carpets. Excess chemical residue attracts soils, getting dirty faster and necessitating more frequent cleaning.

Training —Training individuals to safely and correctly mix product from bulk containers can be difficult, particularly if there are many different products in use. Simple dilution control systems are user-friendly and make training faster, easier and more effective.

Versatility — Dilution control dispensing systems vary from locking cabinets, multi-product, portable, and disposable units. This wide variety ensures that there is a chemical dispensing system or combination of systems that comprises the perfect fit for every facility, regardless of type or size.

Performance —Dispensing systems minimize the chance for human error and ensure the right solution, in the right amount, every time. Cleaning solutions will work better, faster, and deliver more consistent, quality performance.

Storage —Large, bulky chemical concentrate containers and chemical drums can demand a great deal of space in a building, especially if you have need for multiple types of specialized products. The concentrated amounts used with dilution control systems require less space.

Sustainability — Shipping premixed, ready-to-use cleaning solutions can be costly, but it can also be detrimental to the environment. Dilution control, especially with the advanced green chemistry that is now available, provides a more responsible way to supply cleaning chemicals. Higher concentration levels also reduce packaging, decreasing the waste thrown into landfills.


PrecisionFlo Dilution Control System 

Total Control, Lower Cleaning Costs, More Options

The versatile PrecisionFlo Dilution Control System lets you optimize cleaning performance while lowering costs, saving space, and cutting waste.

The Dispensers — Wall-mount, portable, and disposable models deliver the power of concentrates where, when and how you need it.

The Bottle —PrecisionFlo 80-ounce bottle size refills fit all PrecisionFlo dispensers  and store in a fraction of the space needed for ready-to-use products. The PrecisionFlo Disposable (PFD) offer 3 liters of concentrate for savings and ease-of-use in a wide variety of settings.

The Concentrates  — Cost-efficient formulas–including EcoLogo PrecisionFlo products provide high performance options for every application.