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To compete in today’s environment, industry needs to run like a well-oiled machine.  But when dirt, grease and grime start to build up, the risk of injury and lost productivity increases.  A consistent maintenance program with the right cleaning solutions for every aspect of manufacturing and distribution will keep your facilities clean, efficient, and running smoothly, day after day.

MISCO’s complete portfolio of cleaning and maintenance solutions are perfectly suited for industrial work, with floor strippers, maintainers and finishers, solvent degreasers, and much more.

What is the Industrial Cleaning Program?

The industrial market requires a maintenance program that can handle the toughest cleaning jobs.  With Misco’s new Industrial Cleaning Program, customers will be equipped with unique systems and chemicals that excel in extreme conditions.  Tested in the field, our new and existing products offer a wide range of solutions.  Whatever your industrial needs may be, we are prepared to meet them.
While the manufacturing floor may be where the worst of the dirt is found, we understand that facilities have cleaning needs in every area and we have the products for all of them.  Below is our interactive map where we can help you find the right product for the any job and offer more suggestions for your other cleaning needs.

Select (click) an area on the map below to see the recommended and additional products specific to that area.

Industrial Program

Industrial Program
Office Area Production Floor Fleet / Outdoor Maintenance Break Room Locker Room

Office Area

AREAS OF USE: ( Select to see recommended product )
Door Knobs



Glass Cleaners

Carpet Care

Production Floor

AREAS OF USE: ( Select to see recommended product )
Tire Marks
Concrete Floors
Work Stations
Grease and Oil Spills

Industrial Hand Care
Solvent Degreasers

Fleet / Outdoor Maintenance

AREAS OF USE: ( Select to see recommended product )
Vehicle Wash
Asphalt Cleaning
Oil Spills

Solvent Degreasers

Break Room

AREAS OF USE: ( Select to see recommended product )
Trash Cans
Hard Floors


Air Fresheners

Food Service


Locker Room

AREAS OF USE: ( Select to see recommended product )
Shower Stalls
Grout and Tile

Hand Care
Air Fresheners

System Solutions

System Solutions Specifically for the Industrial Program

Revite Fusion

What is Revite Fusion?
The Revite Fusion 2 Part Degreaser System is many things, but the bottom line is that’s it’s a one of a kind formulated product that will save time and money. This closed loop system has the ability to combine two chemicals that by themselves cannot work together. Part A is an Alkaline Solution and Part D is a Detergent Solution. The two can only be used with the Revite Fusion Dispenser. When using this dispenser, the end result is a unique ready to use degreaser that’s powerful enough for industrial jobs. The low foaming system is compact and easy to use, meaning these endless benefits are yours at the turn of a knob. Some may call it revolutionary; we call it Revite Fusion.

1 case of Revite Fusion = (1) 55 gallon drum of concentrated product = (11) 55 gallon drums of ready to use product
1 case of Revite Fusion = (1) 55 gallon drum of concentrated product = (11) 55 gallon drums of ready to use product

Meet the Revite Fusion System

Other Systems to Help Meet Your Industrial Needs

High Flow Single Dispensing System
This dispensing system allows users to take a single concentrated degreaser and produce an accurately diluted chemical that is ready to use in any mop bucket, pail, or even floor scrubber. It’s compact, meaning it takes up less space and helps save money on freight and chemical storage. With its easy on/off switch, water connector, and back flow prevention, this unit is very user friendly.

Meet the High Flow System

Float Valve System
With the Float Valve System, users are able to take an entire tote of concentrated chemical and accurately dilute it to create a ready to use product in another tote. The system allows users to directly dispense chemical from the tote to the receptacle so users can fill anything from auto scrubbers to mop buckets. The Float Valve System can create up to 9000 gallons of ready to use product.

Meet the Float Valve System

NOTE: These systems work with our concentrated degreasers.
See our degreaser application chart below for a complete guide on product application to determine which product is right for you.

Chemical Solutions

Chemical Solutions Formulated Specifically for the Industrial Cleaning Program

Formula X05Formula X05: Reformulated for the Industrial Cleaning Program
X05 has a new formula but is still a ready to use cleaner/degreaser that works hard so you don’t have to.  The new version of Formula X05 unleashes a micro-foam that clings to vertical surfaces allowing for longer dwell times.  Formulated to instantly remove grease, oil, carbon, or any other industrial soil, this foaming degreaser dissolves any tough soils found in industrial complexes.

View Spec Sheet

X0500X0500: New with The Industrial Cleaning Program
This degreaser takes cleaning to the next level.  It’s an extreme cleaner that is water based, and high alkaline, allowing it to cut quickly through dirt and grease.  Heavy duty solvents combined with a special blend of synthetic detergents and alkaline boosters removes oil, grease, animal fat, cheese curds, rubber residue, as well as water soluble soils found on concrete, machinery, engines, floors, walls, etc. It may be used in pressure washers, steam cleaners or automatic scrubbers. This product must be diluted before use.

Our Degreaser Application Chart

industrial cleaning program degreaser application chart

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