Since our doors opened in 1962 in Reading, Pennsylvania, we’ve been in the business of clean. For over 50 years, we’ve worked hard to become a service-based company, and people have come to rely on Misco as the preferred US manufacturer of cleaning solutions and coatings. Today we can offer customers over 1,600 different formulas, 60 packaging sizes, and low minimums. Our cleaning chemical company is nationally known for a reason.

Our business model is built around the ability to provide a strong bond with customers, so they not only understand our capabilities but recognize the quality chemical cleaning products and floor coatings we consistently produce to support their brand. We realize that our customer’s name is associated with the product they put on the shelf, making it very important to us that we formulate products that meet our customer’s standards.

We strive to provide a wide variety of chemical cleaning products to our customers in four days or less. We have also implemented an assortment of operational business practices to support this model, including a constant improvement program.

With the customer in mind, we have three different brands to help solve any cleaning problem that may arise.

Our MPC brand is our primary in-house brand with products in a range of categories to provide end users with easy to use products that give real results. Our categories are:

• Air fresheners
• Carpet Care
• Cleaners
• Concrete Care
• Degreasers

• Disinfectants
• Enzyme
• Floor Finishes
• Floor Maintainers
• Food Service

• Glass
• Hand Care
• Restroom Care
• Solvent Degreasers

• Specialty Cleaners
• Strippers
• Wood Floor Care

Our environmentally responsible green brand. All of our products in the elements line are EcoLogo Certified, which means they have gone through rigorous testing to prove their sustainability, from creation to liquidation. Our green line provides a maintenance solution that is holistically greener and is environmentally preferred. These products are scientifically tested to validate their ecological status and are guaranteed to offer the same high-quality results as our MPC branded products.

The benefits of elements products are:

  • Low Toxicity
  • Contains no phosphates, EDTA, or NTA
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Combustible
  • No ozone depleting compounds
  • Concentrated for use in cold water
  • Safe VOC level when diluted
  • Contains no known carcinogens
  • Contains no chlorine bleach
  • Contains no butoxyethanol
  • Contains no petroleum distillates
  • Floor care products are slip resistant
  • Floor care products contain no metal cross-linked polymers
  • General purpose cleaners are biodegradable

Our Majestic brand of carpet solutions provides users with the next generation of carpet care formulations with Gemini Surfactant Technology. This technology offers multifunctional performance by cleaning and revitalizing carpet fibers better than conventional surfactants due to its superior surface-active properties. With the addition of Gemini Surfactant Technology, the Majestic brand remains the most revolutionary and advanced brand in the carpet care industry today.

We handle all carpet cleaning needs, from stubborn stains to upholstery cleaning. Our line of carpet care offers products that can be implemented in a complete carpet maintenance system. From start to finish, our Majestic Carpet Solutions help maintain brand new carpets and can restore rugs that have seen better days.

A Solution for Every Industry
We understand that every industry has its own cleaning needs and priorities. Regardless of the facility, we have a solution that meets end user’s needs.
Industries we service include:

• Education
• Automotive
• Building Service Contractors
• Hospitality & Lodging

• Manufacturing
• Food Service
• Retail
• Government

• Distribution Warehouse
• Commercial Real Estate
• Health Care

• Pharmaceuticals
• Grocery

Chemical Dispensing Systems
The industry is continually changing, and so are consumer’s needs. We provide the technology and equipment to keep customers prepared for whatever challenges the industry throws their way. We have a variety of different dispensers, each designed to solve the problems the modern cleaner faces.

Gives end users complete control over the dilution of the products they are using, without compromising the quality of the product used. Our Precision Flo dispensers are:

Our premium hand care line dispenses luxurious foaming hand soap in three different varieties and dispensers. We offer these soaps in Antibacterial, Eco-Friendly, and Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer. The three different dispensers available are the “No Touch” automatic dispenser, gray manual dispenser, and black manual dispenser.

Precision Pour

With no costly equipment to set up, our Precision Pour products are easy to understand and use. These products only require single-handed use, and with detailed usage charts on the bottles, users will drastically reduce waste. Because everything you need is in the bottle, and measurements are marked on the bottle in half ounce increments, the product is transported easily from location to location. With a transparent container, you always know how much product you have left, and when you’re done, the bottle is 100% recyclable. The single plugged neck makes it impossible to bypass. Bottles have a 1-ounce chamber with ½ ounce increments.

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