Brandvantage Private Labeling program

Private Labeling

The Misco Products Brandvantage® program is designed to help your business create exclusive, custom branded products using our best-in-class formulations, products and solutions.  We work closely with you to create, develop and grow a complete portfolio of quality custom branded, private label cleaning products that meet your needs – and the needs of your customers.  Finally, our team works with you to develop marketing and sales tools that help you build your business and create real added value and equity in the market.

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Value Added Services

Misco Products provides all of the tools you need to launch a private brand, and our team of expert salesmen are here to help you grow.  We have over 1,600 proprietary formulas that our onsite lab technicians have developed and successfully tested to ensure their effectiveness.  We also provide you with whatever marketing materials needed to help promote your brand and products.  Our in-house digital press gives us complete control over the private labeling process and we can quickly changeover from one label to another, regardless of package size or product.

What's Included:

Custom Designed Labels

Our graphic team has the ability to give your label the personality and look you envision

Specification Sheets & SDS

All safety and product information located on easy to read flyers and sheets

Products In Any Size

From quarts to totes, we can bottle your product as big or small as you want it

Websites & Apps*

Gorgeous customized websites and apps (*With minimums)

Wide Variety Of Products

Every industry has specific cleaning needs, and we have a product for all of them

Proprietary Formulas

Your cleaning products can be unique to your brand with a one of a kind formula

Exclusive Training

Custom tailored training programs for your customers and staff

Be a part of a brand identity superior to the national brands.

A competitor that can sell the same brand as you can also undercut you by selling to your customers at a lower price.  When you buy from someone else, you sell their name and value.  With your own brand, you can build customer loyalty and provide customers with a product they cannot get anywhere else.  Using our graphics team and digital press, a custom designed brand with high quality labels and packaging is a guarantee.  The sky is the limit when it comes to deciding what your brand will be.

private label chemical manufacturer

Misco Products is committed to private branding and the advantages it gives our customers.

We have the experience of a cleaning chemical company that excels in private labeling, and that is what Brandvantage is all about.  We provide quality products in quality packaging with your custom design that can only come from you.  Let us help you build your brand and your business.

The end results?

With a Brandvantage created private brand, distributors are left with a quality product that provides a competitive advantage.  Exclusive brands can establish long term relationships with customers that are not solely based on low prices, but added value as well.  Stand out with confidence.  Get started on your future nationally known brand today.

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