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106404: 4 x 1 Gallon
106410: 2 x 2.5 Gallon
106397: 5 Gallon pail
106414: 55 Gallon drum

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First Step
Acrylic Floor Sealer

• Acrylic based sealer
• Versatile
• Protects flooring

• Easy to apply
• Use prior to any acrylic floor finish
• Use on any type of hard surface

• Classrooms
• Healthcare facilities
• Office buildings


An acrylic floor sealer formulated to provide a hard, durable undercoat for use prior to the application of any floor finish. Never yellows and will continue to protect your floor after all floor finish has worn off. Provides chemical and stain resistance and is for use on any type of hard surface.

PREPARATION: If stripping is necessary, use a high quality stripper and follow the directions accordingly. Follow with a thorough rinsing and allow floor to dry completely. If stripping is not necessary; sweep up loose dirt and dust. Clean with a quality cleaner to remove dirt and oils. Follow with a thorough rinsing and allow floor to dry completely.

SEALING: Spread a liberal coat of sealer evenly across the floor with a clean mop or applicator. For porous, damaged, or well-worn floors, apply 2 coats of sealer prior to the floor finish application. On new floor or floors in good condition, one coat of sealer should suffice. Allow a dry time of at least 30 minutes before applying another coat of sealer or floor finish.



Color White
Odor Fragrance free
pH 8.0 – 9.0
Non-Volatile Solids 18%
Coverage 1800 – 2200 ft2 / gal.
Recommended Coats 1 – 2
Dry / Recoat Time 30 minutes min.
Maintenance Schedule N/A
Slip Resistance 0.5 min. by ASTM-D2047
Storage/Stability 2 years
Weight per Gallon 8.58 lbs./gal.
Freeze/Thaw Stability 3 cycles

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Non Volatile Solids

Recommended Coats

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