General Purpose Cleaner – E18


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106183: 2 x .5 Gallon – Lock & Fill
106193: 4 x 1 Gallon
106198: 1 x 2.5 Gallon – Stackable
106199: 2 x 2.5 Gallon
10618: 5 Gallon
106203: 55 Gallon drum
115917: 2 – 80 ozs. – PrecisionFlo


elements General Purpose Cleaner

A readily biodegradable, very low toxicity and VOCs, environmentally responsible general purpose cleaner. Safely and thoroughly performs all cleaning applications including removal of heavy grease and soil. This moderate foam formula leaves a clean, film free surface, making it the ideal product for scrubbing and recoating without the use of harmful chemicals, such as: phosphates (promote algae blooms), EDTA (carcinogen) and NPE (harmful biodegradable intermediate). When used as directed, this general purpose cleaner aggressively removes embedded soils and scuffs in the top layers of floor finish, and prepares the surface for re-coating with minimal rinsing required.

For use as a general purpose cleaner, dilute product according to guidelines below using unheated tap water:
LIGHT DUTY CLEANING: Use 1 oz. per gallon of water.
MEDIUM DUTY CLEANING: Use 2 oz. per gallon of water.
HEAVY DUTY CLEANING: Use 4 oz. per gallon of water.
Apply product by spray, mop, sponge, cloth or autoscrubber to surfaces to be cleaned. If necessary, agitate to help remove excessive soils. Wipe dry with clean cloth or rinse thoroughly with clean water after use.

Scrubbing a floor to prior to recoating- light to medium buildup.
Dilute this general purpose cleaner at 4 oz. per gallon of unheated tap water (1:32). Apply solution to floor using a mop or automatic scrubber. Allow product to dwell for 1 – 4 minutes. Agitate solution using a blue or green pad or brush. Remove solution from the floor with a mop, wet vacuum, or automatic scrubber. Rinse with clean water. Allow floor to dry completely prior to recoating floor with finish.


Color Blue
Odor Fresh
pH 10 – 11
Recommended Dilution 1 : 32
Base Detergent
Viscosity Water Thin
Foam Low
Solubility Complete with water
Rinsability Excellent
Emulsification Excellent
Flashpoint None
Storage/Stability 2 years
Weight per Gallon 8.62 lbs./gal.
Freeze/Thaw Stability Keep from freezing

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