Revite PF – PF2


Revite PF
Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser

• Heavy duty formula
• Concentrated
• Versatile

• Tough jobs made easy
• Low end use cost
• Many uses and flexible dilutions

• Factories
• Kitchens
• Warehouses


A concentrated heavy duty cleaner degreaser for use on medium to heavy industrial soils. This low foaming product is formulated to quickly and effectively remove grease, oil, carbon, or any other industrial soil from concrete, machinery, engines, floors, walls, etc. This phosphate free formula is nonflammable.

This product must be diluted before use. See your supervisor or technical sales representative for instructions on dispenser use.

Dispense diluted product into spray bottle, mop bucket, or automatic scrubber then apply by mop, sprayer, sponge or automatic scrubber to soiled surface. Allow to stand for several minutes. For heavier soil, agitate briskly with a brush or aggressive pad. For normal soil, allow the product to do the work. Wipe clean with a moist rag, sponge or pick up with a wet-vac or mop. Where applicable; rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid contact with windows or other glass surfaces.


Color Dark Purple
Odor Sassafras
pH 13.0 – 14.0
Recommended Dilution 1:64
Base Alkaline detergent with solvent
Contains Silicates Yes
Contains Phosphates None
Contains Butyl Yes
Foam Moderate
Rinsability Excellent
Emulsification Excellent
Flashpoint None
Storage/Stability 2 years
Weight per Gallon 8.64 lbs./gal.
Freeze/Thaw Stability Keep from freezing

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