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Anti-Slip Gloss Restorer

An ideal companion product for use with any high speed maintenance program. Regular use of this product keeps floors looking great day after day. Special proprietary ingredients bond to the surface of the floor to create an anti-slip surface, making it ideally suited for nursing homes, supermarkets, hospitals, schools and other public areas. This product effectively cleans the floor and restores floor finish. Highly concentrated for economical use dilutions, it can be mopped on or used through an automatic scrubber. Once the product dries to a haze, use a high speed burnisher to “pop” the gloss to a brilliant shine.

Cleaning / Maintaining:
Dust mop all flooring and remove gum and adhesives. Dilute 1 part restorer to 16 parts cool water in the solution tank of the auto-scrubber or mop bucket. Auto-scrub or mop on all flooring using overlapping passes. If auto-scrubbing, dispense, agitate, and pick up the solution. Pick up any puddles with a clean damp mop. Allow to dry thoroughly. Burnish all flooring to clean and restore floor finish.

For Floor Restoring:
Dust mop all flooring and remove any gum or adhesives. Damp mop or auto-scrub floor with a neutral pH floor cleaner following label directions. Dilute 1 part restorer to 4 parts cool water in a mop bucket or auto-scrubber. Apply a thin, even coat on the surface. Do not pickup solution. Allow to dry thoroughly. Burnish all flooring to restore the floor to the ultimate “wet look” shine with a burnishing pad.

NOTE: Don’t allow restorer solution to remain in the auto-scrubber tank. Drain and rinse.

This product meets the maximum content requirements for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as established by current State and Federal regulations.


Color Light Orange
Odor Fresh
pH 8 – 9
Non-Volatile Solids 8 – 10%
Viscosity Water Thin
Foam Low
Recommended Dilution 1:16
Slip Resistance Increases with regular use
Flashpoint None
Storage/Stability 2 year
Freeze/Thaw Stability Keep from freezing
Weight per Gallon 8.36 lbs./gal



108842…………………..4 x 1 Gallon
108846………………..2 x 2.5 Gallon
108836………………….5 Gallon pail


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